5 Facts of Kento Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen, You Might Not Know

5 Facts of Kento Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen, You Might Not Know

Kento Nanami is one of the most dangerous and exciting characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, and the way he fights is amazing. If you’re a fan of his and want to know some unusual facts about him, this post is for you. At Tokyo Jujutsu High School, he was in the same class as Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto.

After she graduated from Jujutsu High, Nanami went to work as a salaryman, but she came back four years later to start over as a jujutsu sorcerer. Nanami was a grade 1 sorcerer at Jujutsu High who mainly worked on the Tokyo campus. After Yuji Itadori introduced him to Satoru, he turned into a real mentor for him. Nanami is particularly grumpy and shows and says what he doesn’t like.

Nanami is a big, muscular man with blonde hair that gives him a sexy look. Nanami has small eyes and thin eyebrows hidden by his trademark sunglasses. Nanami is a helpful guide for a man with a rough mind and a quiet, aloof demeanor that comes across as stoic and distant.

Nanami knows how to adapt between being a carrier and being sentimental. He seems like the kind of person who takes his job way too seriously. Most of the time, he chatters and gets to the point. He doesn’t like people who are too optimistic or ask open-ended questions.

5 Facts of Kento Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen, You Might Not Know

Nanami is a well-known bread fan

Nanami used to make a point of rushing to the bakery to pick up his authorized bread, and it was there that he became acquainted with the young woman working behind the counter. He notices a small curse written on her shoulders and determines it is not worth risking his life by exposing himself to the threat.

Nanami and his employees used to be unsatisfied with their jobs because they were more concerned with making money than doing their jobs well. After graduating from Jujutsu High School and spending four years in the real world, Nanami’s most helpful invention used to be money.

When he returned to the bakery, he saw that the girl he cherished very much was having trouble falling asleep because of the weight on her shoulders. Nanami had no intention of being arrogant about his position on the earth, but he knew that his line of work did not provide enough money to support even one person.

Odd skill

In the conflict after his and Yuji’s initial search, the advice of going to the movie theater where the waste they’re entrusted with investigating occurred, Nanami’s skill in the martial arts is given some consideration for the first time.

Nanami discovers what appear relics of the attacker’s Cursed Energy in that location. They follow it onto the roof of the movie theater, where they find two Curses waiting for them. Nanami and Yuji escaped the Underworld while preserving their hold on one Curse each.

Because she is the more experienced fighter, Nanami is the one to break his Curse first. He can accomplish this by utilizing a skill called the Ratio System. Nanami can perceive objects in his opponent’s body after cutting them into ten equal halves.

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Stoic thinker

Nanami is a qualified and forthright man, but because of his calm and indifferent manner, he gives off the impression of being stoic and distant from others. Nanami seems to be the type of man who takes his career too seriously, but in reality, he can differentiate between sentimentalism and carrier properly.

In most encounters, he is uncomplicated and gets right to the point. He does not value overly optimistic expectations or open-ended questions. Nanami is also quite snide and quick to bid it, both with his expression and words.

This trait can be seen in both of these aspects of his personality. Nanami is consistently mopish in appearance. He abhors additional effort and is obsessive about preventing himself from exceeding his quota by even a minute.

Regards a jujutsu sorcerer’s fallacy

As a result of Nanami’s understanding that being a jujutsu sorcerer is a dangerous and nerve-wracking job for deranged people, he has a difficult time appreciating those who oppose it. Even though they both believe in each other, Nanami thinks he does not worship Satoru.

He quit his job as a salaryman to become a sorcerer because he didn’t believe he was appreciated by his coworkers and didn’t believe his job had any real impact on the world around him. On the other hand, while he worked as a sorcerer, he was able to collect gifts of gratitude from those who were unaware of his presence. This was once sufficient for Nanami to live a life free from whatever regrets she may have harbored.

Kento Nanami is 27

If facts are to be believed, Kento Nanami gives off the impression of being a couple of years older than he is. Given his personality archetype of the overworked sorcerer who can’t wait to get off work and would almost refuse to work extra, it is no wonder that he appears to be a whole year older than he is. This is because he would almost refuse to work extra hours.

He is a very successful businessman who carries himself very seriously. Nanami always appears to be dressed professionally, as one might expect from someone who has previously worked in the corporate world. Underneath a tan jacket is a white costume shirt that matches the slacks and soft sneakers worn with the outfit.

Kento Nanami is nothing more than a typical man who is weighed down by the mundane, day-to-day activities of life, which prevented him from developing any skills throughout his formative years. Nanami does not consider the factors of age or the presence of a life-threatening circumstance that forces one to mature. On the other hand, he thinks that the accumulation of all of life’s tiny inconveniences causes people to mature into adults.

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