10 Facts About Marin Kitagawa You May Don’t Know

10 Facts About Marin Kitagawa You May Don’t Know

It was a shojo-style seinen animated series featuring Wakana Gojo and cosplayer Marin Kitagawa. My Dress-Up Darling was a popular 2022 Winter anime series.  This anime offers unexpectedly refined fan service and teaches cosplay and tailoring. There is something to enjoy about this show. And here are the 10 facts about Marin Kitagawa you may don’t know before:

Marin’s romantic feelings are pure and simple

Romantic comedies and slice-of-life anime often include characters with crushes who don’t properly express them. Either the individual may remain in denial for excessive time, trying the viewer’s patience, or the character could engage in less than wholesome behavior and make a fool of themselves.

But not Marin Kitagawa. The purity and simplicity of her feelings for Wakana Gojo are one of the most appealing aspects of their relationship. Marin may not always rush to be with Wakana, but she’s honest about her romantic impulses, which makes her happy. Although Marin may not be rushing to be with Wakana, she is content with her feelings. She will soon express them when she is prepared to do so appropriately

Marin Kitagawa isn’t trying to make Wakana different

Characters like Wakana Gojo, who are reserved and quiet in most works of fiction, are often seen to be coaxed out of their shells by the company of other characters in the story. There are a lot of stories that revolve around introverts becoming extroverts, but it doesn’t happen very often the other way around, which may make some anime fans feel cheated. On the other hand, Marin does not follow this trend.

Marin is a gregarious extrovert, yet she’s never tried to help Wakana escape his mental shell. Instead, she shows Wakana respect and allows him to be himself without making any objections. In this regard, she serves as a model for others to follow.

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Marin likes to watch anime a lot

Some manga and anime franchises contain anime fans, such as the Wotakoi nerds and Lucky Star characters. In the meantime, My Dress-Up Darling’s Marin Kitagawa is a significant anime lover. The fact that this provides her real-life admirers something to relate to is something they appreciate.

Marin’s bedroom is plastered in magical girl and slice-of-life anime posters and scrolls. She invites Wakana Gojo to watch her favorite shows for fun and cosplay inspiration. Marin’s bedroom is plastered in magical girl and slice-of-life anime posters and scrolls. It’s excellent that Marin puts so much enjoyment into her activities.

Marin Kitagawa can’t get enough of Shizuku-tan

Marin remarked that she had an adorable appearance. At first, Shizuku-tan appears emotionless and regal, almost as if she were made of ice. However, if you progress through the game and experience more of the events, she will have various emotions, and these expressions make Marin fall in love with her.

Additionally, she plans to make Shizuku-tan the first of the cosplays that she creates. She has aspirations of becoming a Shizuku-tan!

Her room is also decked up in a lot of merchandise from the Shizuku-tan franchise, such as a body pillow with the Shizuku-tan logo on it, as well as several posters and action figurines depicting characters from Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls.

10 Facts About Marin Kitagawa You May Don’t Know
10 Facts About Marin Kitagawa You May Don’t Know

She is a gyaru

One of the oldest fashion fads in Japan is called gyaru, also referred to as gal. It involves practices such as tanning the skin or making it darker, wearing flashy makeup, having hair that has been excessively bleached or colored, having highly painted nails, and dressing in outfits that are considered rebellious. All of these things go against the conventional beauty standards observed in Japan.

Marin accessorizes her look with a choker, a necklace, and a wrist chain in addition to the high school uniform shirt wrapped around her waist and sleeves rolled up. She also wears a knife-pleated skirt just above the knee and a tie.

Her fingernails are of an unnaturally lengthy and pink length. In addition to that, she has a plethora of earrings that she wears on both of her ears. In addition, Marin is frequently seen wearing bright pink lipstick and thick mascara to make her eyelashes appear longer.

Were you aware that her eyes do not have a pink tint? It’s only a pair of contact lenses that she always puts in her eyes to hide the true color of her eyes. Her natural eye color is brownish hazel.

She uses funny slang

Fiction writers can “bend the language” to characterize  their words and terminology. This might reveal a lot about a character like Marin Kitagawa. Her supporters adore the fact that her words alone reveal a lot about who she is.

Marin uses hilarious slang phrases, colloquialisms, & figures of speech to reinforce her Genki female character and comedy. This increases her popularity among young anime fans while preventing elderly anime lovers from being completely turned off by her.

Marin Kitagawa knows how money works

Although Marin is not on track to becoming an accountant, she does a respectable job of managing her finances, which is a quality that should be commended. Although many teenagers and young adults spend their meager salaries and deplete their meager savings on whatever enticing goods they choose, Marin is more responsible than other young people her age.

It is astute of Marin to limit her expenditures on cosplay things to no more than what she can pay for them, and she also adheres to the principle that she should get her money’s worth out of everything. She also intends to put money aside to purchase an expensive cosplay camera shortly, and there is no reason to doubt that she will eventually accomplish this monetary objective.

Marin’s color scheme is beautiful

The character Kankuro from Naruto and Ulquiorra Schiffer from Bleach are two examples of anime characters whose appearances are relatively monochromatic or lack bright colors. On the other hand, Marin Kitagawa is a chic young lady who understands how to be colorful without appearing garish, which is one of the reasons she stands out so much more.

To begin, Marin’s eyes are a brilliant reddish-pink color, and her hair is a rich shade of blonde that gradually transitions into a delightful pinkish color near the tips. Marin also has a very slim build. There is no question that she invested a lot of time and energy into dyeing her hair, and the results speak for themselves. She is fashionable without being over the top.

Marin is quick to admit her mistakes

It’s good for the main character in an anime to be confident and use their strengths, but they should also be humble and honest about their flaws and weaknesses, which can give them a lot of charm. Marin Kitagawa is the same way. Genki girls don’t permanently hide their worst traits, though.

Marin is a happy and enthusiastic cosplayer, but she is also intelligent enough to keep herself in check and admit where she needs help, which is why Wakana is willing to help her. Marin is also honest enough to say when she hasn’t finished her summer homework and not try to hide it out of shame.

Marin is a proactive character

One of the most enticing aspects of a novel, regardless of its genre, is a protagonist who takes the initiative and drives the plot forward by getting things done. Marin Kitagawa, the new female friend of Wakana Gojo, is a go-getter who doesn’t simply wait for nice things to come, in contrast to Wakana Gojo, who is rather submissive and docile.

Marin, on the other hand, is the type of person who likes to take charge of her personal life and her interests. This tendency led her to attempt to do an amateur cosplay even though she had few resources and even fewer abilities. Her cosplay did not look very well, but she pulled it off, demonstrating that she could take charge. It’s a step up from simply fantasizing about donning a costume.

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