Who is Daniel Bellomy ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Who is Daniel Bellomy ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Daniel Bellomy, or who have name complete Daniel Lee Bellomy is an actor, businessman and celebrity-famous origin America. Daniel was born on November 27, 1994 (age: 29 years old in 2023) in Detroit, America United, and decided to start his career in 2010. Daniel succeeded in reaching popularity since his appearance in the crime series America entitled Power Book II Ghost.

Biography & Wiki

Year 2012 Daniel indeed have interest in world acting joined Theater Club Manhattan as Choir Boy members. In the club, Daniel and members often roll out show theater and present in various important musical theater programs.

In 2013, Daniel succeeded come on stage in the TV show A Matter of Time. Daniel gets many attention because of his good communication; even many of the audience asked Daniel to become a guide program, the.

Since appearance in many shows, Daniel is getting focused Becomes an actor with Keep-going hone ability, the acting. Daniel is successful play many dramas, TV series, and movies. This make his name the more known by public.

No, only that Daniel too, success climbing his career in field pull sound. Daniel succeeded release some of the singles that came in at the highest of music charts. Though not yet roll out concert, Daniel hopes his career in music sector, too, can get success big.

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Who is Daniel Bellomy ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Man nationality America union this have tall body 193 cm and weight 70 kg. Daniel has curly colored black and eyeballs chocolate. Daniel really avoid alcohol and cigarette by guard health, his body, even Daniel always took time time at least twice deep a week for go to the gym to exercise.


Daniel has a mother named Cheryl Bellomy and two sibling named Dave Bellomy and Cornelius Bellomy. Besides that public no knowing other information regarding the family of Daniel included his father’s identity. Daniel lives together, his mother and his brother, decided to stay in America as a country of birth of Daniel and his second brother.


Daniel announced that himself moment this no-have partner, he still wants to focus on his career as a must-have couple. Daniel, too, also disclosed that he no have special criteria for becoming her partner. Daniel only hopes to have a good partner and support all activity career.

Though Daniel has many friends and often intertwine work with beautiful; however no, there is none of which has been confirmed as a couple from musician famous this.

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Net Worth

Amount successful wealth collected by Daniel is of US$3 million. Besides, that’s Daniel, too, started his efforts in fashion by launching a number of products alone.

Trivia & Facts

Men owner Capricorn zodiac sign complete education the last in University Carnwgie Mellon. Daniel is known as a diligent, accomplished, active student, and easy social. Daniel too many joined in organization campus, especially in the field of acting film.

Daniel decided to move and stay in New York America to chase his career. Daniel stayed in a self-in a luxury apartment that Daniel often shows in social media uploads. Daniel really loves the mother, however, must be willing to stay far away by moderate career growth.

Daniel is a devout Christian; besides that’s Daniel often does charity past many body charity. Daniel always donates his income to help children or deprived women. Even Daniel established a house stop-by for those who didn’t have the place to stay in America.

Besides proficient singing and acting, Daniel turns out to have a high fashion sense, so that is considered interesting by fans. Daniel has a clever ability to choose fashion and the outfit used, so is always seen as captivating and handsome.

Daniel, too proficient, speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Ability here is Daniel’s past long association run, where Daniel has many friends from many corner worlds.


A number of successful film titles played by Daniel include : Problem Time, a real MVP the story of Wanda Durant, and Painting.

Some TV series ever attended by Daniel is : good fight, blood blue, match, book powers II, and Show weird.

Released singles : silence, no, there is hope, ready, did I the only, way, once again and enough talk.

Daniel has been crowned as a musician and actor who has a brilliant career on the period front. Even Daniel gets much appreciation and praise for his acting ability from senior actors.

FAQs of Daniel Bellomy

Who is Daniel Bellomy?

He is an actor, businessman, and celebrity.

How Old is Daniel Bellomy?

He is 29 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Daniel Bellomy famous?

Daniel has gained popularity since his appearance in the American crime series Power Book II Ghost.

Who is Daniel Bellomy Girlfriend?

He does not reveal any details about his girlfriend.

How rich is Daniel Bellomy?

He made a net worth of US $3 million.

What is Daniel Bellomy’s real name?

Daniel Lee Bellomy.

When does Daniel Bellomy celebrate his birthday?

On the 27th of every November.

How much does Daniel Bellomy weight?

His weight is 154 lbs (70 kg).

How tall is Daniel Bellomy?

His tall is 6’3” (193 cm).

Who are Daniel Bellomy’s parents?

Publik only knows Daniel’s mother is Cheryl Bellomy. Daniel does not reveal any details about his parents.

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