Who is Kay Adams ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Who is Kay Adams ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Kay Adams, or who is known as Dorothy Konopka, is a broadcaster sports and television presenter famous for her origins in America. Kay was born on April 6, 1986 (year: 37 years old in 2023), in Chicago, Illinois America United, and decided to start a career in 2010. Kay didn’t reach a high popularity level since her appearance as a broadcaster in the National Football League.

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Biography & Wiki

Moments later school. Kay began her career with work as a bartender in a sports bar and Chicago radio shop. Because of his job this Kay hears a lot hear information about world football, so Kay’s knowledge is growing.

Kay finished her education in field communication succeed Becomes carrier program for broadcast news and channel zone directv’s fantasy. However, career early Kay as a carrier program starter moment, she came on stage in a game show St. Louis Cardinas.

Kay’s increasingly professional abilities made him trusted for Becomes Carrier program on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network in 2016. Kay continues to renew the contract in program this until with this program. Program this Becomes wrong one channel news sport biggest in America, so Kay very proud can Becomes wrong one part inside.

Kay, too, is officially becoming a reporter for station tv. Nbc Sports Network. In 2017, Kay joined in team broadcasting DAZN first and made its broadcast debut in 2018.

Who is Kay Adams ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Kay has tall body 165 cm, and weight 50 kg with appearance hair long, wavy, colored black. Kay has eyeballs colored black whereas the skin colored white clean. Kay has a sharp nose and thin lips so that her smile is considered captivating by fans. Besides, that’s Kay, too. Always guard health her body with avoid cigarette nor alcohol.


Second person Kay’s parents are immigrants from Poland; however, information about their identity, of both of them no, is known in a manner clear to the public. Fans only know that Kay has a sibling named Sylvia Wrobel who was spotted very close to Kay passing by a social media upload. Kay uses the language Poland as a language for communication everyday, but Kay too, dominates other languages like English and Caucasian.


Kay never reported an intertwine connection with player original football America named Danny Amendola, after previously being caught on camera using up time together. Kay and Danny, too, uploaded several times together so that the more strengthen guess date both.

However, connection between both of them no pen confirmed in a manner clear, and only Becomes presumption para fans just. But Kay had announced that he was intertwined with football, though no once mentioned the name of her lover.

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Net Worth

As a carrier of most news appearance and effect. Kay succeeded in gathering income larger than the carrier of news. The amount of successful wealth collected by Kay is of US$2 million.

Trivia & Facts

Go to school at Whitney M Young Magnet High School and the University of Missouti majoring in knowledge communication. May be active students and get praise on ability, communication, ok. Kay trusted by many of her friends, will become a journalist reputed to have the ability to communicate outside normal.

May will be carrier active event managing social media, specifically Instagram and Twitter. Kay always intertwines communication and interaction with fans via social media. Like a lot showing off life personal past uploaded by himself, share.

Like a lot get information about football through news or impressions watched football. Before understanding world football, Kay must use up much time for studying and knowing. What is the name player in every club football.

Kay revealed that becoming a carrier and seeker of news is no easy thing. Kay never gets many denials from parties wishing to ask for a description. Kay must be patient with himself in getting the job done, though there are many constraints.

Like a lot of give positive message to fans for honor, profession carrier program, and seeker news, because with exists people, the knowledge of our will, something becomes easier increase.


A number of successful sports guided and brought by Kay are : siriusxm’s Livin the Fantasy, Fantasy Drive, NFL Sunday Ticket Fantasy Zone.

The year 2022 Kay is crowned as a carrier program favorite and talented. According to a survey agency. Kay too. Becomes the most neutral show ever there.

Kay is considered by fans as a “Football Teacher” who provides many knowledge, fundamental and important, about football so help para football fans.

FAQs of Kay Adams

Who is Kay Adams?

She is a broadcaster sports and television presenter.

How Old is Kay Adams?

She is 37 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Kay Adams famous?

Because her performances and good abilities as a broadcaster in the National Football League.

Who is Kay Adams Boyfriend?

Many public suspected that Kay had a relationship with Danny Amendola.

How rich is Kay Adams?

She made a net worth of US $2 million.

What is Kay Adams’s real name?

Dorothy Konopka.

When does Kay Adams celebrate her birthday?

On the 6th of every April.

How much does Kay Adams weight?

Her weight is 110 lbs (50 kg).

How tall is Kay Adams?

Her tall is 5’4” (165 cm).

Who are Kay Adams’s parents?

She does not reveal any details about her parents

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