Who is Kristine Saryan ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Who is Kristine Saryan ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Kristine Saryan or familiar greeted with the name Kristine, is an actress famous American born in 1984 (Age: 39 years old in 2023). Kristine succeeded in reaching a high popularity because ability to act in a TV series called Gilmore Girls. Kristine started her career in 2009 with now.

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Biography & Wiki

Kristine has been interested in world acting since small, even Kristine always watches many movies, and shows in the theater. Kristine a lot learns acting from the movies she watches and tries to act in front of glass in her room.

Kristine had a dream to become an actress who has many fans and appears on television. Kristine wants to become a career professional actress in screen-wide until with tv series international.

In 2011, Kristine made her acting debut in a TV series entitled I Love Jenni. The appearance of Kristine ‘s premiere make many feeling fans impressed with ability her acting, even though Kristine is not once take class acting same once.

2014 Kristine succeeded in reaching success big after appearance in tv series titled Gilmore Girls. Kristine took on the role of the successful Chrissy. Chrissy came on stage slick and hypnotized the audience. Kristine is successful, to toss her name and make it obtain various appreciation acting.

Not enough career in world acting. Kristine tries to plunge into world pull voice through her single song entitled Even When It Hurts I. Single song this succeeds enter in the top music charts America.

Who is Kristine Saryan ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Woman nationality America this have tall body 163 cm and heavy body 50 kg. Kristine appears beautiful and graceful with long hair, wavy-colored chocolate art and eyeballs colored the same match. Kristine always considers that appearance is important thing, so Kristine always took time for herself to exercise and do a diet fatty. Kristine too, avoid cigarette or alcohol. Kristine too, no like piercing or tattoos.


Kristine hung up information about life, with her family for the news media. Fans also know information about Christine’s family. It seems, by reason of security and convenience, Kristine does not share information whatever about family size.


In 1983 Kristine married named lover Vera Davich Life House Tanga both of them were really harmonious and far from issue fight or affair, however sadly the public surprised with news of farewell both of them in 1985. The original relationship will last this long, must end without obvious reasons, and no once reports.

After a long solitude, Kristine returns to marry her lover, who is actor Scott Gordon Peterson, in 2014. Both first meet when Kristine plays in the Gilmore Girls series and decide to intertwine more seriously. From marriage the, Kristine has one person child named Nicholas Patterson was born on July 13, 2014.

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Net Worth

The amount owned by Kristine is of US$3 million. Compared with successful earnings collected by her husband, that is of US$15 million. Kristine lives life and facility luxurious life with her husband.

Trivia & Facts

Kristine completed her education the last in Memorial Field School Haddon Middle School in New Jersey. Kristine often becomes a representative for some on stage in show acting or theater.

Besides, it’s Kristine, too, known as an actress who has many talented talents. Like writing, playing music and find fashion trends. Kristine a lot steal attention fans in all activity and abilities possessed, even Kristine has very influence significant for fan.

Kristine proved to have a great sense of fashion, this often seen in many goods owned by Christine. However, not seldom does Kristine appear with its modest appearance, moments this many seen in the uploads that Kristine shared on social media.

Kind Kristine’s heart too, praised by many fans. Kristine often makes action donations with the husband to give part income to children or women in need.

Now Kristine and family decide to stay in a luxury Californian United. Kristine, too, like animal cat and dog, have animal emitting pet cost care high.

Though a professional in the field of entertainment, specifically acting, Kristine does not once forget Duty and not quite enough answers. Becomes a mother from child man dearest.


Kristine considered by fans as the most successful actress to become mainstay for some on stage in tv series.

In a satisfaction survey, Kristine became the wrong one actress whose appearance no will replace and always awaited fan.

FAQs of Kristine Saryan

Who is Kristine Saryan?

She is an actress from America.

How Old is Kristine Saryan?

She is 39 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Kristine Saryan famous?

Because of Kristine’s great ability in acting.

Who is Kristine Saryan husband?

Her husband is Scott Gordon Peterson.

How rich is Kristine Saryan?

She made a net worth of US $3 million.

What is Kristine Saryan’s real name?

Kristine Saryan.

When does Kristine Saryan celebrate her birthday?

She does not reveal any details about the date, or her birthday.

How much does Kristine Saryan weight?

Her weight is 110 lbs (50 kg).

How tall is Kristine Saryan?

Her tall is 5’3” (163 cm).

Who are Kristine Saryan’s parents?

She does not reveal any details about her parents.