Who is Chrissy Blair ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Who is Chrissy Blair ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Chrissy Blair, or often greeted with the name Chrissy, is a model and girl of Octagon origin in America. Chrissy born on January 5, 1989 (age: 34 years old in 2023) in Florida America Union and already start her career since year 2007. Chrissy Becomes an influential model that demonstrates positive results on each sale advertised product.

Biography & Wiki

Since small Chrissy wishes for modeling, and has many followers. Chrissy many watch model shows direct or through television to study model technique, even Chrissy until willing to follow modeling class.

Chrissy, many follow modeling competitions and many audition for being a model, wrong; only one is audition for Becomes octagon girl. Because appearance suitable physique by criteria, Chrissy joined as octagon girl performing first time in event UFC match in 2007.

Chrissy also joined in the management model Major Model Management, i.e. wrong, one of the best management models there is in America that shelters some older models.

Chrissy often gets work and bids to become an advertising model, a model displaying fashion until with brand ambassadors. Chrissy Becomes a reliable model by a number of companies to promote their products, them.

Chrissy owns many followers on social media and likes dress sexy decides to manage site Only Fans for the sake of getting more followers again.

Who is Chrissy Blair ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Chrissy has a tall body of 170 cm and weights 48 kg and likes to upload for a moment wearing a sports bra, and of course just her appearance, this very preferred by fans man. Chrissy have hair, long, wavy, blonde hair and chocolate with a pointy nose and jaw reasonable firm jaw. Chrissy, is very guard form her body as much as possible to avoid cigarette and alcoholic beverages, in addition that Chrissy Becomes wrong one the dodging octagon girl action piercing and tattoo.


Chrissy, it seems very close meeting about information about life in family, like information, about second person old or member of family other. News media also no get information about life family Chrissy, it seems Chrissy want to guard security or convenience from members of her family.

Boyfriend & Husband

Chrissy’s love life is very secretive. Chrissy has never announced that she is in a relationship with someone on her social media.

Net Worth

The amount of successful wealth collected by Chrissy is of US $2 million. Chrissy also became founding father of company Food Healthy named Kalumi, which consists of product Food and Supplement Healthy.

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Trivia & Facts

Chrissy, very diligent, exercising and Becomes Thing or activity mandatory must be done. Sake guard form to keep her body ideal. Chrissy To do more from one activity sport. Like running, gymnastics, yoga to with pilates.

Chrissy has flexibility and flexibility, very well, this many seen in every post Chrissy’s Instagram upload.

Chrissy has very sensitive skin, body susceptible suffer eczema so always to do care for skin conditions. Chrissy willing use up many income for To do care beauty by support appearance the model.

Chrissy also likes, to observe and learn art and design, having completed an education at Flagler College, majoring in art and design. Chrissy, is known as an active, accomplished student and smart socializer.

No, only That’s Chrissy also has other hobbies like painting and cooking. Chrissy also always go holiday to utilize time, in her spare time; even Chrissy routinely uploads activity, in her daily life.

Chrissy once stayed in Milan and used up a period of small there, before himself deciding to move career as octagon girl.

Chrissy loves animals, especially cats. Chrissy has a beloved cat named Hamilton. Chrissy also often campaigns for a positive love of animals via social media.


Chrissy is at in the list of 20 girls in the most popular octagon in the whole world, according to the survey website Thethings.

A number of company great that have been intertwined with Chrissy and Keep Going renew contracts include MAXIM, Sport Illustrated and Elegant Magazine.

FAQs of Chrissy Blair

Who is Chrissy Blair?

She is a model and an octagon girl.

How Old is Chrissy Blair?

She is 34 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Chrissy Blair famous?

Because of her beauty when she was an octagon girl.

Who is Chrissy Blair Boyfriend or Husband?

She does not reveal any details about her partner.

How rich is Chrissy Blair?

She made a net worth of US $2 million.

What is Chrissy Blair’s real name?

Chrissy Blair

When does Chrissy Blair celebrate her birthday?

On the 5th of every January.

How much does Chrissy Blair weight?

Her weight is 106 lbs (48 kg).

How tall is Chrissy Blair?

Her tall is 5’6” (170 cm).

Who are Chrissy Blair’s parents?

She does not reveal any details about her parents.

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