Who is Lisa Boothe ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Who is Lisa Boothe ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Lisa Boothe or who have name complete Lisa Marie Boothe, constituting a journalist America for Fox News. Lisa was born on February 3, 1985 (age : 38 years in 2023) in American West Virginia United. Lisa succeeded reach popularity blessing ability communication and her demeanor moment convey information news.

Biography & Wiki

Since very teenage Lisa like related matters with knowledge communication political and development. Lisa wishes for come on stage in front of public show ability the communication.

After complete her education in field communication, Lisa works as assistant staff in Board Representative America United. Lisa succeeded steal attention public blessing ability very communication.

Lisa too work as writer for The Washington Examiner on year 2017. Besides that’s Lisa too become a news contributor for The Washington Times and The Hill.

Ability Lisa’s mesmerizing communication make it trusted for come on stage in activity important . Lisa had work for Committee Congress Republic National and interpreter talk Sandy Adams.

Lisa too once Becomes interpreter talk campaign Senate Tommy Thompson, and Becomes representative development strategy by Sandy Adams, Mark Meadows and Shelley Moore Capito .

Lisa who has a long career in the field of television media , trusted for Becomes a senior director at Black Rock Group, that is Republican polling company moment election .

Who is Lisa Boothe ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Lisa has a tall body of 157 cm and a weight of 55 kg. Lisa has long wavy hair and eyeballs colored chocolate . Lisa is known as a journalist who has a captivating smile and appearance, always dressed tidy. Although simple, Lisa has an appetite for election, very clothes.


Lisa is child from couple Jeggrey Ferris Booth that is ex- analyst political on Capitol Hill and Dianne Marie alone mother house stairs . Lisa has three sibling man whose name no is known by public . Lisa and family often use up time together with traveling to various region tour .


How about Lisa Boothe dating? Public knowing that Middle Lisa intertwine connection with Men America named John Bourbonia Cummins. Connection both of them seen very intimate without exists issue fight or affair . Besides that’s Lisa too many upload moment important and romantic with John on her social media.

Net Worth

Lisa’s wealth is immense, high, deep a survey known total income owned by Lisa is US $10 million. Where did Lisa acquire income of US$2 million every year .

Trivia & Facts

Lisa succeeded complete education the last in the University of Tennessee Knoxville major knowledge political and development in 2007. Lisa always Becomes representative campus for come on stage in competition debate nor competition speech .

Moment Becomes student , Lisa is known as clever boy socialize and easy adapt self .

Lisa often Becomes a Co-Host at Outnumbered and The Five events, events. Lisa’s appearance took place long enough because ability very communication good so that succeed interesting attention fan.

In her social media, Lisa a lot convey message positive to her fans. Lisa owns enough followers to succeed and give many influence well recognized by fans, fans. Lisa, too, not reluctant share knowledge-owned communication to fan.


Lisa Boothe succeeded Becomes earning journalist income highest, besides that Lisa to success Becomes journalist at a time interpreter talk figure, important world because ability, very communication.

FAQs of Lisa Boothe

Who is Lisa Boothe ?

She is a Journalist of origin from America.

How Old is Lisa Boothe ?

She is 38 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Lisa Boothe famous?

Because ability communication and Lisa’s current demeanor convey information news considered interesting and satisfying.

Who is Lisa Boothe Boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is John Bourbonia Cummins.

How rich is Lisa Boothe ?

She made a net worth of US$10 million.

What is Lisa Boothe’s real name?

Lisa Marie Boothe .

When does Lisa Boothe celebrate her birthday?

On the 3rd of every February.

How much does Lisa Boothe weigh?

Her weight is 121 lbs (55 kg).

How tall is Lisa Boothe ?

Her tall is 5’1” (157 cm).

Who are Lisa Booth’s parents?

Her parents are Jeggrey Ferris Boothe and Dianne Marie.

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