Who is David Laid ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Who is David Laid ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

David Laid, or as often called with David’s name is a bodybuilder Estonian American, fitness model and Famous Youtubers since transformation his appearance on social media. David was born on January 29, 1998 (age : 25 years in 2023) in American Estonia United.

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Biography & Wiki

Since little David experienced a number of problem health, so David must To do many activity therapy and sport.

sake guard his health, David began many use up time for sport. David started love many field sport, David is active share activity the sport as much six times deep a week on social media his.

Along walk time , David has form very body _ good . Lots companies that make David as their brand ambassador , wrong only one is company Gymshark .

Besides active being a model, David too always To do collaboration activity sport with fellow bodybuilder . Activity this much David shared on his social media , so David succeeded get many followers .

Who is David Laid ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Man Aquarius zodiac sign once suffer abnormality curvature bone back that can cause disability permanent , and wrong one method for can heal it is with To do sport . David has tall body 185 cm and weight 75 kg. David’s hair color black with eyeballs _ chocolate . Because often To do sport lift load , David has proportion very body _ sexy and loved many fan .


David lives together with mother and second his sister. David’s father died in a accident when David was aged two year.  David moved to America together mother and second younger brother his son for build career, now David decided for stay in New Jersey. However, David did not once tell information complete about life member his family.


In a interview, David confessed that himself no have lover. Though many news that says that David has have lover, but David delivers response that himself still single.

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Net Worth

The amount of successful wealth collected by David as a bodybuilder and Youtubers is around US$2-3 million .

Trivia & Facts

very david like sport , in every time David could practice use up duration time until two hours. According to David, sport Becomes activity important and mandatory must always done .

Moment very teenage David no believe self with appearance physically felt _ not enough perfect , however now David can with free showing off form body how beautiful to para fans past upload photo in social media.

A number of preferred sport by David is : lift weights , running , push ups and many sport heavy other .

very david idolizes Jeff Seid and Greg Plitt . They Becomes figure idol to be deep inspiration David career During this .

David succeeded Becomes wrong one bodybuilders who have amount follower big on social media, David a lot give influence to fans past message motivation frequent health delivered .


Because form his body too perfect with muscle big and looked strong , David had suspected use steroids for enlarge muscles the. Steroids indeed Becomes very substance dangerous for body, so news this enough give negative impact on David’s career.

After news this appeared, David immediately argue it and To do inspection in house sick for show that guess that is wrong.


David succeeded give change and message positive about process healing with method positive . David too Becomes bodybuilder who became example example for fan .

FAQs of David Laid

Who is David Laid?

He is a bodybuilder, fitness model and Youtuber’s

How Old is David Laid?

He is 25 years old (as of 2023).

Why is David Laid famous?

Because transformation his appearance on amazing social media.

Who is David Laid Girlfriend?

David confessed that himself no have a lover.

How rich is David Laid?

He made a net worth of US$2-3 million.

What is David Laid’s real name?

David Laid.

When does David Laid celebrate his birthday?

On the 29th of every January.

How much does David Laid weight?

His weight is 165 lbs (75 kg).

How tall is David Laid?

His tall is 6’1” (185 cm).

Who are David Laid’s parents?

He does not reveal any details about his parents.

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