Who is Bella Poarch? Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Facts, Net Worth

Who is Bella Poarch? Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Bella Poarch, also known as Bella or tictac, is a Filipino singer, TikTok star, and Youtuber. Bella was born in the Philippines on February 8, 1997 (age: 26 years old in 2023), and has had a keen interest in singing since childhood. Her name has become increasingly known to the public since her consistent appearance on the TikTok platform, where Bella uploads many interesting and entertaining videos.

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Biography & Wiki

Since childhood, Bella, who had an interest in becoming a singer, was enrolled in a vocal class. She has been practicing since she was 5 years old and often appears in various performances at school. Bella has also participated in many singing competitions; she has often won and won many awards.

At the beginning of the emergence of the TikTok platform, Bella decided to start her artistic career there. She uploads lots of interesting videos, including those on singing and dancing. She is one of the female TikTokers who has managed to gather a large number of followers in a short time.

One of Bella’s most viral TikTok videos is when she covers Millie’s song B M to the B. This video is watched by millions of people, so Bella has managed to get a lot of followers too. Now she has managed to collect more than 70 million followers on TikTok from all over the country.

Not enough on the TikTok platform. Bella has returned to developing her career on the YouTube and Twitter media platforms. Her Youtube account named Bella Poarch Official, has accumulated more than 6 million subscribers, and focuses on video content about music.

The biggest opportunity came to Bella in 2021; she officially signed a contract with music management company Warnet Records. She officially released her first single which was immediately successful in the market, namely Build a Bit*h.

Who is Bella Poarch? Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Bella is 168 cm tall and weighs 55 kg. Bella has long brown hair and blue eyes. Bella has a charming smile and fair skin. Bella always avoids tattoos and alcohol to maintain a healthy body.


Bella spent her childhood in the Philippines, but decided to move to Texas and the United States to pursue her career. There is no information about Bella’s family life that fans get; it seems that Bella really wants to keep every member of the family safe and comfortable.


In an interview with American media, Bella explained that she is single because she wants to focus on developing her career first.

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Trivia & Facts

Even though she is known as a media star, Bella is a woman who rarely uploads her personal life. Bella rarely shares personal information or her personal life. She treasured every important moment in a person’s life, so it was very important for him to value every moment of someone’s privacy.

One of the secret information that Bella has never disclosed is about her real name, but many people say that Bella’s real name is Taylor Nariee and this is obtained from the Facebook name used.

This woman, who is proficient in English and Tagalog, is very fond of the world of games; she always uses her free time to play games or go on vacation. Bella also often carves tattoos on her body; she already has tattoos on her chest, back, arms and legs.

As a teenager, Bella was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and PTSD. This is a disorder that occurs after a person experiences a traumatic event or unpleasant action. But over time, Bella began to be able to overcome this through a lot of treatment and consultation.

Net Worth

The total wealth that Bella managed to collect is around US$5 million. Forbes defines her as the most influential TikToker on the social media platform.


Bella was once considered racist by her fans and friends; she once made a racist call to one of her friends. Not only that, Bella also has a Japanese imperialism tattoo which is considered a racist act. This became one of the major controversies that was very detrimental to her career; even fans were disappointed with Bella.


Bella is one of the TikTokers with the most total followers in the world; she has joined forces with Charli d’amelio, Addison Rae and Khaby Lame. She has also successfully collaborated with other TikTok stars, such as Tyga and many more.

For the single song Build Up Bit*h, Bella won many awards at music events. Its music videos have been viewed more than 250 million times.

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FAQs of Bella Poarch

Who is Bella Poarch?

She is a Filipino singer, TikTok and Youtuber.

How old is Bella Poarch?

She is 26 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Bella Poarch famous?

Bella has become popular because she consistently uploads interesting videos on TikTok..

Who is Bella Boyfriend?

Bella says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

How rich is Bella Poarch?

She made a net worth of US $5 million.

What is Bella Poarch’s real name?

Bella Poarch.

When does Bella Poarch celebrate her birthday?

On the 8th of every February.

How much does Bella Poarch weigh?

Her weight is 121 lbs (55 kg).

How tall is Bella Poarch?

Her height is 5 ‘5 “ (168 cm).

Who are Bella Poarch’s parents?

Bella does not reveal any details about her parents.