Why You Should Be Listening To Deep House

Music has evolved so much in the last few years, it has gone through a stage of Metal and Rock n Roll to Pop and Hip Hop. And now I think has come the age of EDM when we listen and dance to digitally created synchronized music. There are music fests like Ultra, Tomorrowland happening all over the world where the best DJ’s come together to make their fans have one hell of a time. Basically DJ’s don’t just work behind the scene anymore and are getting worldwide recognition everywhere for their music now. 001_maxresdefault


EDM has evolved and has also branched out into many sub genres like Dance, Electro, Trance, Trap and Deep House. Deep House is a sub genre that had become really popular due to it’s melodious tracks and light singing which is very soothing to the ears and something we love listening to all the time. It is not very loud like other genres of EDM that are filled with catchy beats and this is one genre that even the old and gold can enjoy. DJ’s like Tiesto and Lost Frequencies have made a name for themselves in the world of music playing Deep House. It has become even more popular because previously the radio was very reluctant to play deep House due to long musical parts but with the advent of internet that has led to streaming websites like YouTube, Soundcloud becoming extremely popular and given people from around the world a base to work upon.themed-music

You can find a lot of old Jazz and Blues fans listening to Deep House due to the soulful nature of the music and the distant vocals is a very good background to chill on. This music focuses less on the frequency of the base with 120 beats per minute on an average. This genre has a lot of natural feel to it and therefore can be heard all the time unlike other genres which basically become to heavy on the head after some time. You will normally not find Deep House in clubs as they mostly focus on a lot of beats so that their customers have a crazy high night but you’ll definitely find them performing at certain speciality clubs and music festivals like Coachella where the people get really high on some mellow drugs and trip to some mind cracking House music. Deep House is the music for some upliftment.

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