What Is Wrong With Manchester United?

So basically this is turning out to be like any other season for the red devil fans around the world and the greatest club in England is probably going through one of their worst patches in modern history. After three years of absolute boring football at Manchester United and finally everyone thought that they had found their savior in Jose Mourinho. One of the most successful managers in recent history, someone who has managed big names in the various big leagues of European football but it was sadly not to be; right now it looks like they are on their way to their worst Premier League season start. Looks like the acquisitions of Ibrahimovic, Pogba and Mourinho haven’t changed anything even though they are proven winners. You can navigate to this website for more articles on sports.sportsUnited’s problems lie deep, just buying players won’t really help up, they lack the winning mentality which is needed in a team. They have the worst record in the last 10 minutes of the game which shows that the team lacks composure and a mentality to win and always ends up switching off on their game after scoring a goal which is definitely a quality for champions. United lack a solid leader in their team and someone who is going to constantly keep them on their feet, every time Rooney misses a game, his captaincy is missed than his game.


Mourinho might be getting his tactics absolutely wrong. Manchester United might have put up some really impressive performances this season but they haven’t been able to carry on the momentum. He has been unable to find the best position for Pogba in the team. He is a natural Centre Midfielder and has always performed really well whenever played in that position but Mourinho always ends up playing him in an attacking position. Mourinho still hasn’t found a possible partner Pogba and he needs to find a fixed pair for the midfielder because the constant rotation is really hurting the team. Mata has been the real machine of the team and needs to start all the games that the team really wants to win. His technique is always missed in the middle of the field.  Mikhitaryan also needs to become a regular as his technique, speed and understanding are really important for United’s title chances.sports


United should aim for Europa League and that is still a possible title for the season and something that would secure their position in next year’s Champions League. They have almost secured their position for the knockout stage and can cruise through to the finals. The only teams that can come on their way are Roma but they are still the favorites to win the Europa League this year and they have been well in the League.  Right now their other goals should be to win The EFL cup or FA cup or both and secure a top 4 position the Premier League because logically they were out of contention for the title about 2 games ago.

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