The Risks Faced In Purchasing Cosplay Costumes

Any purchase made online is risky whichever way you look at it. The main risk is that, you don’t have access to the item before it arrives.  Some photos displayed on some of the online shops are not what you will actually receive when you do the ordering. When it comes to commissioners, they may display great artwork of cosplay costumes on their gallery but when you contract them to do a job, it might turn out not as accurate as in the gallery. Another risk is, it might arrive late, not arrive at all, or get lost in the mail. It is important to do a research by checking out reviews.cosplay costumes

Why Buy Online

  • Making a costume can be messy why buying online is not messy
  • You can end up finding great prices
  • It is less stressful as compared to making them
  • Great for if you have no time to work on a costume
  • Commissioners allow for you to request variations
  • It is great if you don’t have that time to work on a costume
  • Can be found online on ebay, commissioners and offline on anime stores, cons, and costume stores
  • They are usually of good quality

Why Avoid Buying Online

  • It might not fit properly
  • It may not arrive on time for con
  • It might be difficult to keep in touch with the sellers
  • There is high risk as you don’t have control overthe results
  • In most cases inaccurate
  • The price might be higher than reasonable
  • In most cases, poor quality

Making a Cosplay on Your Own

When you decide to make your own Cosplay costume, it might turn out to be very stressful in making the props, sew a costume or style wigs all on your own. On the other hand, it can be rewarding as you can tell people proudly that you are the one who made it and, thus lead you into contesting in the craftsmanship contests. If you have the time, it is encouraged to make your own costumes as you will have control of the results of the final costume that you will wear.cosplay costumes


The price of your own cosplay costume will depend on the cost of the materials, and the number of mistakes you make at the end of the day. More mistakes mean you will have to redo the whole thing by getting new materials. If it is a simple costume, the total cost will be under $100. But there are chances where you can use as little as less than $10 to come up with a good quality costume. And there are times when you can use as much as $2,000 on a single costume. Because you don’t need to pay for additional costs, it might seem great as you will avoid shipping costs and the labor is free; the problem is, you don’t have an upfront price to quote. So though it might seem cheap, if you put it on paper and pen, it might be expensive.

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