The Kik Messenger Bots

Last 2014, Kik Messenger had introduced promoted chats. These ones use bots to communicate with its users and talk about promoted brands and products. This is made possible through the use of keywords responses. This feature enables various companies to communicate with potential customers in advertising their respective products, in hopes of getting sales. These promoted messages are very successful in reaching target audiences that are further filtered down by country, gender, and device. You can try these features out by just creating an account and creating your own Kik user names.Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger Bot Store

And just last April of 2016, Kik Messenger has added its own bot store into the app itself. This bot store enables users to order any kind of products. You can even order food from your favorite local restaurant. It’s really that cool. You can now do this by just going to the store and entering an automated chat.Kik MessengerIt is also worth knowing that the bot shop has added a web bubble feature. This is also known to some as wubbles. This feature allows rich media content to get passed around conversation threads. These also enable the bots to remain active in the group conversation threads. Concierge bots were also added last September of 2016. These concierge bots are very helpful in giving users tips, recommendations, and suggestions on what the best product for the customer is.

Kik Messenger is More than Just a Messenger Service

With all of these being said, you can see that Kik Messenger is not just a messenger service app, but it also helps you to get what you need with your everyday life. You can shop through it, access products and information that would be difficult for you if you have to manually search for it in the internet, and you can also get legit recommendations and suggestions as to what you really need and want to buy. It’ really that cool. Try out Kik Messenger now, and install it. You’ll see the wonder of it.

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