Rules And Nature Of The Impossible Quiz Game

There are many types of online video games available now. Not all the games become successful and receive the support of the public. People expect something different in each and every game they come across.

The impossible quiz game is a quiz game but it is never impossible. It contains cheeky, tricky and unorthodox questions. Not only the questions, every aspect of the game including the font style, the method of answering, the nature of each question etc. are all completely unconventional. This quiz game doesn’t contain any general knowledge question but the questions exclusively made for the game by their team. The questions may be confusing and foolish but once you know the answer of each question, you will understand the brilliance of this game.impossible quizAt the beginning of the game, you are provided with 3 lives. If you give a wrong answer, you will lose one of your lives. If you lose all your three lives, the game will be over. Once you gain certain number of points, you will get an option of skipping particular number of questions. But, there are some questions which can’t be skipped even if you have a skipping option in your stock. These questions must be answered in order to move onto the next question. Some questions have time bombs which will detonate after a particular amount of time. Once you enter into such questions, the timer will start. If you fail to give the right answer before the bomb explodes, the game will be over. The duration of the timer varies from question to question. Some questions have 10 seconds time whereas some has only one second.

The only drawback of the impossible quiz game can be the fact that the questions are asked in the same order every time. So, if a player loses all his three lives in the 18th question, he has to answer all the 17 questions once again to continue the game. While doing so, he can’t expect any new question and he won’t enjoy the suspense.

For some questions, the player may click the right answer by chance. In these situations, he will never know why that particular answer is right. If the game gives the explanation for each answer, after the question is answered rightly, it will add an advantage to the game.impossible quizThis game as you might have realized as of now requires lateral thinking to play. Sometimes you have to think in an insane way to find out solutions. In some questions, you will feel as a fish out of water. The suspense of what the next question will be is tremendous. Because no two questions are alike, you will be surprised at each question and you can’t move onto the next question without admiring the genius with which the question was created. One more specialty of this game is that it is not meant for any particular age group. A question may seem unanswerable for an adult but a child can easily find the answer. Some other questions will need a great intelligence. If you want to escape into a world of innovative ideas, you should try this game.

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