Massages For New Moms

Massages are utterly relaxing, it’s like the masseuse takes away all the stress and fatigue in your body. You may have already experience a simple massage or two, even a hand massage is incredibly relaxing, what more a whole body massage? Some of you may not have heard of a post natal massage Singapore before or that particular massages are recommended for pregnant or woman who have recently given birth. Postnatal massages are basically full body massages given to moms every single day for a maximum of 40 days after they have given birth.Post natal massageImagine the sheer amount of physical strain that a woman’s body endures during and after giving birth. Postnatal massages would be the perfect treat and if you want to receive some of the best services in the world, then we suggest that you visit some post natal massages, Singapore. Below are some of the more famous massage centers, but if none caught your attention then it’s perfectly fine to look into other massage centers.

Postnatal Massage Singapore

Located at 167, Woodland Street in Singapore, the Postnatal Massage Singapore specializes in various kinds of massage for over 24 years. They understand perfectly well that every kind of massages on various people would be different; there’s no real general process to massages. Their mission is to provide the best kind of postnatal massage in the most comfortable way possible.

As for the services they provide, there are massages from the start of your pregnancy until after you’ve given birth; form prenatal massages to de’ slimming treatment that can get rid of all that weight a pregnant woman naturally puts on. Out of all those services, we’ll mainly focus on the postnatal massage services.

The kind of postnatal massages that the center provides prioritize the comfort and relaxation of the new mothers. Mothers can even have the services conducted in the comforts of their own home. Tailor made corsets are used instead of the clothe binder in order to achieve the best results possible.Post natal massage

Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Center

Found at Shophouse 180 Joo Chiat Road, the Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Center specializes in postnatal massage services. They aim to provide quality after-care for all new mothers, they do this by performing amazing classic Jamu massages. Everything started out with Madam Rokiah, the founder, someone who has over 10 years of postnatal massage experience under her belt. Each and every member of their team is trained by Madam Rokiah herself. They offer the following servies:

  • Binders – these are placed on the client’s stomach area in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of the tapel as well as slimming creams. For best results, use the binders for 6 to 10 hours straight in order to see the incredible slimming results.
  • Tapel – a kind of Jamu that’s typically applied around the client’s midsection before the binder is securely placed in order to firm and tighten that post-delivery stomach.
  • Pilis – this Jamu is applicable on the forehead after the massage procedure in order to relieve dizziness and eyestrain.

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