How To Download Free Movies

For several years, there are several websites online where you can be entertained through free movies online. Other channels have gone a step further to make it possible for you to download the movies and watch them later on. There are several sites where you can download movies and watch offline. The steps are almost similar and this is how to download movies from Netflix and watch them movies online

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Make sure that your Netflix app is up to date in order to get on with downloading. If your device is not set to auto update, you can simply click on the app in the app store if you have an IOS. For an android device, go to google Playstore and click on the latest version for update

You then have an option of choosing the quality of download you would wish to get; choose between higher and standard version.  If you happen to choose the higher version, you will enjoy resolutions of between 720 – 1080p. If you decide that you are going for the standard version, your downloads will be faster and they will occupy less space.  So depending on the free space you have on your device, you can choose your movie quality.

On Netflix, you will get a section which is indicated “available for download” those are the movies which you can download and watch later on during your free time. To get to that section, click on the menu button on the upper left and below the home section, you will find the downloadable movies. In case you have a particular movie you are interested in downloading, check out the download icon which is in the form of an arrow which is pointing down to a line.

From here, you are free to download the movies and watch them while on the go and when the data is off.  You simply have to tap the download icon on the movie or show you want to watch. It is important to note that, the Netflix movies can only be saved in the same icon where their app has been downloaded. So incase you want to be watching these movies from the SD card, make sure that when you are downloading the Netflix app, you save it on the movies onlineOnce you have your titles downloaded, they will be saved in ‘My download” folder. So when you are ready to watch, just click on the download, select the specific title that you want to watch and you will be enjoying your movies. To get the My Download folder, check the Home section. You will be able to know how much space the title is occupying on your SD and how long it will take you to watch it.

Apart from Netflix, there are several apps which you can use to download free movies online and enjoy watching them at your own free time. Utilize this to boost your entertainment library. Share the information with friends and relatives.

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