Greatest Batsmen Of All Time

Cricket is one of the most watched team games in the world and this highly entertaining game was create by the British and was played by them on a domestic basis and also against their colonial countries. It is known as the gentleman’s game and the game basically comprises of batsmen and bowlers and today we are planning to give you info lebih lanjut on the greatest batsmen of the world. images_q=tbn_ANd9GcSBbPrnGzBEvnjQ2Oa4TTQ2TZXI1HC4L1GqoQsH5GPqznGMO8I9


Sir Donald Bradman is probably the greatest batsman of all time with an international average of 99.4. He had reached such a great stage during his playing career that when bowlers took his wicket they used to consider it an honor. The man was unbeatable at his best and scored 34 centuries in 80 test innings.Sports equipment


Sachin Tendulkar is the highest run getter in both the ODI’s and Test cricket and is probably the classiest player of all time. Watching him toy with the bowlers on field was a joy to watch and people will probably remember his performance at Sharjah when he singlehandedly won his country the match. HE has scored more than 18,000 ODI runs and 15,000 test runs and also has the record for the most centuries in ODI and Test cricket and also has the most MoM trophies in cricket.


The third person on our list is the great Viv Richards who gave swagger a new meaning on the pitch. HE was probably the most attacking and the most destructive cricketer in the history of ODI’s. Some people consider his to be the greatest ODI player ever.


Sir Garfield Sobers was probably one of the most complete cricketers ever. He was known for his elegant style of play and beautiful shots. He has one of the highest test scores with a 365* and an average of 57.78. He scored 26 centuries in 93 test matches.


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