Emotional support for animals – emotional support animal letter

There many service animals which are being used as companions by people with disabilities, to aid them in their day-to-day lives. These animals are mostly dogs, but sometimes even small horses like ponies and other animals are used to help people who are differently-abled: physically, mentally, and/or intellectually. Emotional support animals in the other hand are different from service animals in the sense that they are not specially trained. They are untrained companions who provide comfort and solace to those suffering from like anxiety and depression. The emotional support animal letter is very easy to acquire, and this article talks about how to do just that.


Benefits of having an emotional support animal:

The benefits of having an emotional support animal are indisputable. Studies indicate that families having such pets are more happy and these animals alleviate the symptoms of whatever mental illness they are suffering from. Here’s how –Woman with dog nature near lake; Shutterstock ID 277149446; PO: dog-owner-loyalty-stock-today-tease-150616; Client: TODAY Digital

  • Elder citizens having such a pet are less likely to visit doctors than their counterparts who don’t own such an animal
  • It’s good to have an animal, especially a dog as they help children to cope with a dreadful illness or the death of a loved one.
  • Children learn to care for life and nurture the animals, and gain a sense of empathy.
  • Senior citizens living alone are less likely to fear burglary attacks and such in the presence of dogs.

Animal assisted therapy is widely used and they really help the patient suffering from mental disorders. The patients are known to become more interactive and show lesser signs of loneliness and improved self-esteem.

An emotional support animal letter is an official document written by a psychiatrist, licensed mental health social worker, or a psychologist. This letter recognizes that you are in need of an emotional support animal and qualifies you to own one for the same. There are many online websites that offer this procedure, to check whether you are eligible. This online certificate will help you get the desired emotional support animal you need.

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