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The Subway is the most popular restaurant chain that came into existence in the year 1965. It is one of the leading submarine franchises of sandwiches that are available in 39000 of locations and in 102 different countries. This famous chain of food is known for providing the healthy and fresh alternative to all fast food chains around. It even turned out as the foremost choice for the people who seek out for the nutritious, quick meals which can be enjoyed by whole family. Since its inception only, the producer of this franchise, Fred had the clear and objective vision for future of brand Subway.


With the continuous development of Subway restaurant, soon turned as one of the most delightful chain of food for all customers around that serves everyone with the delicious, fresh and readymade sandwiches instantly. For offering more great services, it came up with an idea of introducing the smart card instead of paper money. Yes, now you can make use of the My Subway card for buying anything from the food chains, no matter from where you got this card. You can pick up your favorite food item from meat to toasts, cheese to sauces, veggies and any other. The paper tickets are now completely replaced with these smart cards that allow these tickets for getting stored and to be read electronically.

One can click on for signing or registering themselves for the subway card. They are easy to use and proffer the great value. They come for free of cost and are called unique in their own way. One can extract its endless benefits soon after registering themselves on this major site.


The alluring features of the subway card

  • Flexible: they are easy to use and the store pays as one goes credit whenever you need
  • Reusable: one can keep on using their card by reacharging or topping them up
  • Quicker: it consist of less queue in the stations, one will be able enough in zipping around these subways without any hassle
  • Convenient: such tickets can also be renewed easily at any of the subway station or ticket machine of subway
  • Safe: even if you lose the registered subway card, all your details immediately gets transferred on the new one
  • Rewards: one can earn huge rewards by registering themselves online.


All you need to do is, apply for the smart card. You can complete all details in the registration for and can add the passport size photo. The new card immediately comes to you within 10 days of its application. You can start using it soon on their arrival. For adding money in these cards you can access different range of the ticket products. One can take these cards at the nearest station of subway for immediate recharge of the same. For more details about the my subway card, its application, advantages and features, visit the prime site of subway for registering yourself immediately for these great smart card.

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