July 2014


Behexen w/ Morboisdad

Sargeist w/ HOD

Golden Graves w/ Canvas People, The Real Hands

Texas Metal Collective Presents: Perish The Land, Discordia, Arbor Hollows

Numbskull w/ Immerse, Shadow Spectrum, Pain Through Fate

Plague Widow w/ Illustrations, The Coltranes, Total Abuse, Old and Ill

A. Sinclair w/ Think No Think, Twin Vision

Headcrusher w/ Widower, DSGNS, Skan

Red 7′s 8th Anniversay Party Featuring: Cro-Mags w/ Concrete, Die Young, Sores

World Cup 2014 Happy Hour: FINAL

Leap of Joy benefit show featuring: ┬┐Que Pasa?, Critical Dad, After Hours and DJ NO KID$

Gloves w/ Catalogue, Wildfires

The Casualties w/ Lower Class Brats, Applicators, Bass Line Bums

Da’Shade w/ Chief & the Doomsday Device, P-Tek, Secret Levels

Common Vision Tour: Hundredth w/ Counterparts, Handguns, Being As An Ocean, Capsize, My Iron Lung

Craig Owens w/ Bryce Gilbertson

Super Thief w/ Conduit, Tunic, Night Court

Cross Builder w/ Stoic (WY), Caged Bird Songs (WY), Femoral, Street Lions

Sabbath Crow w/ Familiar Looking Strangers (UK), Butcherwhite

Third String Productions Presents w/ Listener, ’68, Ugly Twin, The Homeless Gospel Choir, DSGNS

! ! ! w/ Wild Moccasins, Sally Crewe


Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Future Death, Glassing, Lechuguillas

The Hood Internet w/ Night Drive, Gulf Marina (DJ Set)

The Coathangers w/ Feral Future, White Fang

King Buzzo w/ Emma Ruth Randle, Jeff Pinkus

Zepparella w/ Adrian and The Sickness