Best Prenatal Massages in Singapore

We have all read about the hardships a woman goes through while carrying their child, some of us have seen it first hand and other of course have also experience these hardships. A pregnant woman experience quite a lot of strain and soreness, that’s why majority of them would like to just lay down and rest all day. But there are other relaxing treats that they could also opt for.The-benefits-of-pregnancy-massage

You need to properly choose the massage parlour that would cater to your needs since this is a time for extra caution. Prenatal massage Singapore are some of the best establishments that offer exquisite massage experiences. We’re here to provide a list of some of the best establishments that provide prenatal massages in Singapore.

Babies Bellies

An amazing massage parlour that provide prenatal massages; their massages mainly focus on the connection of the mom with their unborn child. All the while they also offer much needed relief from swollen ankles, insomnia and multiple joint pains. If you’re not really up for travelling to their place, you can also hire home service, they want you to relax.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcTjWl9oQPfl2A5m-u1eUIYB-h7vTJZrnVQP5dWphdqOD2J5BDMr

They are known best for traditional Javanese massages in your own comfortable home. Basically, they charge $60 for 60 minutes and they charge a minimum of $10 extra for home service. They cater to woman who are 20 weeks pregnant and beyond, they don’t have a limit as to the women they cater no matter how far along they are in the pregnancy. Babies Bellies would like to remind the mothers-to-be to exercise extreme caution.

Beauty. Mums & Babies

What makes them stand out is their gentle and serene environment for massaging. They also earned more fame thanks to their stretch mark reducing Dalton de la Mer’s Das massage oil. But what really put them on the map are their therapists which are certified by the Workforce Development Agency. You can be sure that you and your unborn baby will be in safe hands.

Their services cost $190 for a 90 minute massage, but don’t worry since they often give out discounts and promotions so you might be lucky enough to grab one. You can avail their massage for as low as $65. They happily cater to women who are 20 to 36 weeks along; they can also cater to women who are 37 weeks along just as long as they present a letter from their OB.

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