Best Machines For Tig Welders

Various types of machines are used for tig welding. These machines have different features, prices and capabilities. On this post, we have reviewed some of the best tig welding machines available in the market. There are hundreds of such machines in the market, but only a few are worth your money. Here below are some of them;

 AHP AlphaTIG 200X

Comparing its price and its performance, this is the best one of the best welding machine in the world. It can be used to by people who new to welding and also to the experienced welders. The machines have a feature to regulate AC frequency.

Lotos TIG140

Lotos is one of the best tig welders available in the market today. It has great controls compared to most of the welders in the market. The machine can help weld almost anything apart from aluminum (this is because aluminum requires AC welding while this is DC).


You may be looking for tig welder that is portable and light. A machine that can be carried anywhere and it’s not expensive. There here is the right device for you. It is simple and small compared to most tig welders.

HOBART EZ-TIG 165i TIG WelderBest Machines

Hobart Tig welder is an AC/DC welder built with a knob to enable the welder to easily control the heat intensity and also the type of current. With this type of welder, you can almost weld anything. It is suitable for materials that require high-temperature welding and low temperature too.


People who do welding sometimes struggle to look for the best welding machine for tig. Most of the tig welding machines in the market fail to meet their expectations, and this makes it hard for them to find the right. The post has a couple of best machines for tig welders to choose from. Hope you found it helpful.

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