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Modern Lighting In For Your Kitchen

When we’re designing any part of our house, we don’t really take into account the lighting that will be used; the kind of bulb, shade or colour and placing. Homeowners might not realize that lighting have immense impact as to a room. Some of you might be thinking ‘it’s just a light bulb’, in photography the lighting can make or break the perfect shot. If you have plans to renovate your kitchen in order to incorporate model lighting, then you should either ask an interior designer or you can turn this into a DIY project.modern lightingIn this article, you can read up on a number of tips to brighten up your kitchen with modern lighting styles. As we said, you can turn this into a DIY project but be extremely careful with wirings and anything related to it; we’re talking about electricity here so you better be sure about the procedure, otherwise you’ll either electrocute yourself or seriously damage your house. There are tons of lights to choose from, but the ones listed below are not only aesthetically appealing but they provide all the proper light that you’ll need.

Grapes LED 6-Light Round Multipoint Pendant

The Grapes LED 6-Light Round Multipoint Pendant gives off a celestial feel to the kitchen. Each of the six globes contains a faceted interior which projects alluring light effects whenever you turn them on. Regardless of your distance from the light, it can still provide enough lighting. These globes are made of metal but the shade material is glass, buyers are also assured a 1 year warranty. The lights are available at small, medium, large and even assorted options with regards to the light.

Zylinder Multi-Light Pendant    

 We know how beautiful a piece of Zylinder Pendant is, what more if you took about three and set them up in a fancy design? The multi-light version features the signature dual shade design; a clear cylinder made of glass that surrounds another chromed metal. These multi-light versions come in sets of three, five and eight lights. Each of the cylinders can be adjusted for customized placing. Glass was used for the shade material and they come with 10’ field suspension cables which the owner can cut. It has a polished chrome finish and metal supports.c3c7ccc6c7322affc5d25cf8f74e60ce

Amaca LED Linear Suspension

As fancy as it’s expensive, the Swarovski Amaca LED Linear Suspension was features delicate precision-cut crystals as well as quality stainless steel; you may think that this kind of light is incredible bright, but it’s not since the manufacturers found the perfect balance between luminous and glittering. LED lights are incorporated into the linear bar located on the upper part of the structure, by doing so the light directly hits the crystals below and this optimizes the sparkle factor. The Amaca LED Linear Suspension was designed back in 2015 and it contains about 400 Swarovski Crystals. It has a staibless steel finish and is clear in colour. The materials used in making the linear suspension basically contain metal and Swarovski Crystals.

why am i so sleepy

Reasons Why You’re Always Sleepy

Sleep, as we all know, is just one of the basic necessities of not just mankind, but several other animal species as well. Despite the varied lengths of sleeping time among forms of life, it just can’t be argued that sleeping is the ultimate form of rest after a long day of staying awake. On average, people sleep for 7 to 9 hours. The reality is, however, given the hustle and bustle of today’s life, people’s work days may extend beyond the typical working hours, and in turn get much less sleep than 7 to 9 hours.why am i so sleepyOnce this happens, people often feel tired and lethargic, and could result to poor performance in certain workplaces. This could pose certain dangers, especially in jobs that require heavy concentration. There are also instances, on the other hand that people get to sleep more than the prescribed sleeping hours, as much as 12 or even 16 hours a day, but still end up feeling tired. Either way, if you often end up  asking yourself “Why am I always sleepy?”, then here are some possible reasons as to why this is so:

You Consume Too Much Sugar

While glucose is widely believed to be an effective source of energy, the reality is, if you end up consuming too much sugar, you’d end up feeling weak and lethargic. This is a very common symptom among diabetics, especially Type 2 diabetics, where their blood glucose levels are higher than the quantity of a healthy person. If you consume a lot of sugar-heavy products, such as soda, cakes, and candies, then you might as well cut down your intake. 

You Lack Exercise

Exercise, research proves is believed to release a stream of the so-called “feel-good” hormones throughout your body, which in turn has a positive effect in terms of spiking up energy. There are several benefits that comes with exercising on a regular basis, and one of these is a spiked up and pumped up energy level.

 You are Sleep-Deprived

This is the most obvious and common reasons why people always feel sleepy. Sometimes, work could be extra demanding on time that people often end up getting a mere 3 hours or sleep or less just so that they could get things done. If this happens to be the case, make it a point to manage your time wisely, in such a way that you don’t begin working on things a mere days before the deadline. Do things little by little and devise a schedule for a more systematic flow of your day.why am i so sleepy

You Have Sleeping Disorders

While the least likely on the list, certain psychological disorders, such as narcolepsy, hypersomnia and CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome would cause you to feel sleepy throughout the day. Once you feel the common symptoms such as prolonged fatigue, irritability, reduced cognitive abilities, etc. it would be best for you to have a comprehensive check-up in order for proper treatment and drug administration to ensue.

Friv Games

Your Daily Dose Of Fun

If you have not tried the Friv Games yet, you are missing out a lot in your daily life. Friv offers an exclusive wide range of small yet interestingly enjoyable games. Friv has been trying to target its games mainly to the young school going community which takes great interest in these small simple games with great graphics. Moreover, Friv has launched a noticeable number of games which can be really helpful in the basic learning process of school kids in a fun way. Some of the schools have even adapted these games in their curriculum which have even received positive reviews. Friv Games

Why Friv?

  • Friv offers games in all the categories. It happily invites people from all the age groups to have their share of fun. The huge range offers you games from almost all the categories, let it be adventure, racing, role playing, strategy or educational.
  • One of the best things is that Friv Games are free of any kinds of unwanted pop ups or advertisements. You need not worry for you child from coming up with unwanted stuff if you are a parent.
  • Friv Games are really light in terms of getting loaded. They offer high graphical interface and really easy controls and a great user interface. You would not have to run your mind through its functions. All the games have an easy to go approach. Friv GamesWe assure that none of the games would bore you. Moreover, you will have a really great time playing these exclusive games. All you need is the latest version of Flash Player. You do not require to install any kind of additional plug-ins for the same. If you don’t have any important work to do, plug in your internet and surf through the huge variety for your favorite game. You will the love the experience.
bus from KL to Melaka

Why Travel By Bus From Kuala Lumpur To Malacca

Travelers who pass in Malaysia view Malacca as a tourist attraction with a rich history and culture. Malacca attracts visitors who come to visit UNESCO world heritage which is simple yet rich with heritage. Kuala Lumpur being the capital city of Malaysia is one of the gateways of tourists and they have to link between the two cities; in Malacca for the heritage status and to Kuala Lumpur for other tourist attractions. While in Malaysia, you can travel by Bus to Melaka from KL.bus from KL to Melakabus from KL to Melaka

The Bus Ride From Kuala Lumpur To Malacca

When in Kuala Lumpur, there are several places you can pick a bus to Malacca with two main bus terminus which are Pudu Raya, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan or Pudu Sentral. When in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the main transport hub which serves almost all parts in the entire Malaysia. Due to heavy traffic, and an increase in the number of travelers who wanted to use bus transport, the authority in charge of transport had to increase the number of terminus from one (PuduCentral) to two terminal.

Buses which are departing the station towards the south use the Pudu Sentral terminus while those carrying passengers to the north use Pudu Raya bus terminus. The bus to Malacca departs from the terminus at intervals with the earliest, leaving at 7am and the latest leaving at 11pm.

The Buses Companies Operating Between Kuala Lumpur and Malacca

There are several bus companies which ferry passengers between Malacca and Kuala Lumpur with the main ones being; Nice Executive Coach, Konsortium Bas Express, Mayang Sari, Transnational, Maju Express, Delima, Jebat Express, Cekap and Cepat Express. At an interval of 30 minutes, there is a bus to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur.

If you happen to be at the Kuala Lumpur Airport and you want to travel by bus to Malacca, then you need not worry as the Transnational buses link the two destinations. These types of trips are very few daily and thus it is necessary for passengers to make sure that they schedule their travel revolving around the bus schedule.

Time taken by the bus from TBS at Bandar Tasik Selatan takes two and a half hours to reach Malacca. The final destination for this bus when it is in Malacca, the journey ends at Melaka Sentral Transnational buses frequent from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca.

 Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca via the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

TBS is a new terminal which is built to serve the southbound buses which offer trips to Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur to Malacca, Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. It is a cool bus terminus which is fully equipped with air conditioned that provides comfort to the passenger while waiting for their buses. It is a bus station, which is near to the city center as compared to the other.

Now that you are well informed, when next you visit Kuala Lumpur and you want to travel by bus to Malacca, go to the bus station of choice.

happy wheels demo

About Happy Wheels

Happy wheels are ultimately popular racing game developed by Jim Bonacci. This game allows the users to make their own levels and also be able to play with others. The specialty of happy wheels game is having more than 20, 000 playable levels available, so it does not have ended play. Even the free happy wheels demo version contains 10 levels and 3 various vehicles available. If you want to enjoy the full version of happy wheels, you just start to learn the game play and obtain an exciting gaming experience.happy wheels demoMoreover, the happy wheels are a bloody physics based online game that includes a lot of twists. If you like to play a challenge, violence and video games, you can play the happy wheels game online that brings you real sensation gaming experience as well as everyone. Another important thing to keep remembering is choosing a vehicle like wheelchair, bike or two-wheeler and also tries to find a way to alive or exit on this game. When you start playing this, you will surely obtain the realistic touch experience at the end.

Overview of happy wheels controls

Now, the happy wheels have over a billion players online and readily available for all mobile devices. The main goal of this game is also differing based on various levels. In most of the levels, the real target is to reach an end line or to collect the tokens. The game controls are displayed under the main window of this game, which make it easy for you to understand and play more effectively. Primarily, the movement mechanisms involve a tilting control and acceleration. It is also featured with the level editor that allows the players to build their own custom levels. For the user’s convenience, this game also contains a lot of objects and tools for creating levels such as vans, blocks and harpoon guns.

The happy wheels are all about two things such as consistent damage system and ridiculous obstacle courses. This damage system is about what really sets it apart from the similar games. The obstacle courses combine a small amount of traditional platform gaming with some interesting racer and puzzle elements. If the racer suffers from injuries, then it really makes the game more addictive. If you injure yourself more and more, it becomes trickier for the players to operate their characters and finish the level as well.happy wheels demo

Enjoy playing happy wheels with more credits and controls

The controls for happy wheels are very simple such as up is to move, down is to reverse and you can use the left and right arrows to stay balanced. Additionally, there are some on screen controls available for both iOS and mobile games that are simplified and highly used on online version. In the iOS device, you can use these buttons such as forward or reverse, special and eject and lean left or right. Even the layout is also expected to be same in between the characters. Now, the happy wheels demo is available online, so you can enjoy playing this game on your device with utmost convenience.


A Bus Ride To Hat Yai

Hello there traveler, are you looking for your next great destination? Have you ever gone to an Asian country before? Regardless of whether you have or not, you should still go to Asia. We highly suggest Thailand and specifically Hat Yai. It might not be as commonly suggested like Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo but Hat Yai has its own charm. Travelers can easily reach it by plane, train, bus and even by minivan. It’s up to you if you want to ride a Bus to Haytai like everyone else or ride a place to get there faster.bus-penang-to-hatyaiNow we’re sure that you want to learn more about Hat Yai before booking a ticket to the amazing city. Sure it can be fun to go to a random place without actually knowing anything about it, but at least look at the do’s and don’ts of the country. Keep in mind that every country and even city has their own rules and breaking them could earn you some serious jail time despite being a foreigner in their country. So with that in mind, let us present Hat Yai to you.

Hat Yai

Hat Yai is known as the fourth largest city of Thailand and the largest in the province of Songkhla, it’s close to the Malaysian border. Hat Yai was not always the name of the city, it was known before as Khok Sa-Met Choon. Once a small village, until it became a major rail hub thanks to the establishment of the Southern railway in their area. Hat Yai is a tropical country so the climate is typically humid and hot like most of Thailand. It only has two seasons, the wet and dry season. If you want to go during the wet season then aim for a trip from May to December. On the other hand, the dry season occurs during January to April. Take note that Hat Yai experiences flood due to the heavy rains.

Going by Bus

A huge bus station is located in Hat Yai by an establishment called Diana Department store. Buses run to and from the major towns south of Thailand up to Bangkok, this depends on the routes and travelers can choose from multiple routes and types of buses available. Buses have a wide range in variety and can come in the local orange colored ones without air-conditioning to the extravagant 24-seat coaches that offer reclining seats and on board toilets.bus-penang-to-hatyaiBus to and from Bangkok are one of the busiest routes, these air conditioned buses are by The Transport Co. Ltd. Daily travel run between the southern bus terminal in Bangkok and the mentioned bus terminal in Hat Yai; the trip takes about 12 hours and you can choose from the following buses:

  • 24 Seat VIP bus, this would cost you about 1,072 baht and departs at 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00 from Bangkok.
  • 32 seat Class 1 bus for 828 baht and depart at 17:30 from Bangkok as well as Hat Yai.
  • 47 seat Class 3 bud for 535 baht, it leaves Bangkok at 7:00, 17:00 and 21:45.
Post natal massage

Massages For New Moms

Massages are utterly relaxing, it’s like the masseuse takes away all the stress and fatigue in your body. You may have already experience a simple massage or two, even a hand massage is incredibly relaxing, what more a whole body massage? Some of you may not have heard of a post natal massage Singapore before or that particular massages are recommended for pregnant or woman who have recently given birth. Postnatal massages are basically full body massages given to moms every single day for a maximum of 40 days after they have given birth.Post natal massageImagine the sheer amount of physical strain that a woman’s body endures during and after giving birth. Postnatal massages would be the perfect treat and if you want to receive some of the best services in the world, then we suggest that you visit some post natal massages, Singapore. Below are some of the more famous massage centers, but if none caught your attention then it’s perfectly fine to look into other massage centers.

Postnatal Massage Singapore

Located at 167, Woodland Street in Singapore, the Postnatal Massage Singapore specializes in various kinds of massage for over 24 years. They understand perfectly well that every kind of massages on various people would be different; there’s no real general process to massages. Their mission is to provide the best kind of postnatal massage in the most comfortable way possible.

As for the services they provide, there are massages from the start of your pregnancy until after you’ve given birth; form prenatal massages to de’ slimming treatment that can get rid of all that weight a pregnant woman naturally puts on. Out of all those services, we’ll mainly focus on the postnatal massage services.

The kind of postnatal massages that the center provides prioritize the comfort and relaxation of the new mothers. Mothers can even have the services conducted in the comforts of their own home. Tailor made corsets are used instead of the clothe binder in order to achieve the best results possible.Post natal massage

Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Center

Found at Shophouse 180 Joo Chiat Road, the Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Center specializes in postnatal massage services. They aim to provide quality after-care for all new mothers, they do this by performing amazing classic Jamu massages. Everything started out with Madam Rokiah, the founder, someone who has over 10 years of postnatal massage experience under her belt. Each and every member of their team is trained by Madam Rokiah herself. They offer the following servies:

  • Binders – these are placed on the client’s stomach area in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of the tapel as well as slimming creams. For best results, use the binders for 6 to 10 hours straight in order to see the incredible slimming results.
  • Tapel – a kind of Jamu that’s typically applied around the client’s midsection before the binder is securely placed in order to firm and tighten that post-delivery stomach.
  • Pilis – this Jamu is applicable on the forehead after the massage procedure in order to relieve dizziness and eyestrain.
free steam wallet code

Steam Wallet: The New Player in the Virtual Money Market

With the dwindling economy around the world, the existence of black money has put economy and cash filled society in jeopardy. The exchange and circulation of paper notes and coins in terms of black and unaccounted money has just put the future at risk. In this gloomy picture, digital money and wallet are a blessing in disguise. Government from around the world can save a lot of money and resource in producing these paper currencies. Digital money deals in virtual money and the entire process goes on in the internet. There is no exchange of hard cash and every transaction is visible and accounted for.There are numerous online wallets present. Each one of them has their own customer base. Other than normal exchange of cash, they can also be used to buy stuff, pay your bills and do all the actions which are certified by normal currency. There are some country specific wallets but most of the popular digital wallets are global. When you save some money in the digital wallet it is generally saved in the national currency in whichever country you are steam wallet codeOne such digital wallet is steam wallet. Steam wallet is widely used to buy games, software and other stuff. Steam wallet just gives you the opportunity to deal in virtual money. Other than the normal transaction, there are a lot of other free wallet codes. These codes are alphanumeric data which if applied will help you to fetch additional steam money and coins. It’s just like the cash back you get when you go to shop from your neighborhood mart. The money will be exchanged electronically and that’s the reason the response time is very less. Everything will be added and debited instantly and there is no wait time and no problem of change.

Now there are various coupons which offer discounts and extra money. These coupons are either available online or you can get these coupons as free goodies if you buy something i.e. software, games or stuff. For getting free steam wallet code no survey is required. By this we mean there are various online code generators which can generate free codes. These codes if applied can offer you free steam money. You can reuse the money. For getting all this facility you need to have a steam account. Steam account is just like any other account you steam wallet codeOn the top right corner you will be able to see the money and balance. There is an option to add money to your account and you will be able to use these codes to generate extra money. Steam wallet and steam money are quite popular around the world. Going by the popularity, the demand for free steam wallet code no survey scheme is extremely lucrative. Steam cards are also available. They act exactly in the same way as normal money card. But it is used primarily for steam accounts and all the exchange of money will be based out of steam account.


The Benefits Of A Fishing Kayak

There are a number of reasons why kayaks are a lot better in comparison to boats when it comes to fishing. Although there a number of different kind of boats that have been available for a long time, kayaks have recently replaced these boats and have become the best way to go fishing. If you are keen on switching your method of fishing from a boat to a kayak, you need to get your hands on a reliable kayak that will help you fish better. Although there are a number of kayaks available in the market, it is important you pick the best South Texas Kayak for fishing.south-texas-kayakIf you’re not too sure about fishing on a kayak, here’s what you need to know. Firstly, a kayak is a lot easier to get into the water. While it takes a long time to get a boat or a motorboat into the water, you can push your kayak into the water in no time and start fishing without wasting any time. When it comes to boats, you are usually dependent on the weather conditions and if the weather is not in your favor you might end up waiting for a long time before you even enter the water.

Another reason why kayaks are so popular is because they are a lot cheaper in comparison to boats. You can get a high end kayak for a cheap price. This means you do not need to rent a boat anymore.south-texas-kayakFishing in a kayak has its own advantages. For starters you can fish in just about any water body with a kayak. You no longer have to worry about the depth of the water and how dangerous it could be for fishing. A small fishing boat has limitations of entering certain water holes. However a kayak has no such restrictions. With a kayak all you need to do is pick it up and place it in any water body where you feel like fishing. A kayak does not need to be dragged in a lake or a river like a fishing boat. You will also get the opportunity to catch the rarer fish that you normally do not find in the larger water bodies.south-texas-kayakAnother advantage of a kayak is the comfort level. Most kayaks are built to be wide and sturdy. This means that there is a lot of room to move around and the kayak will not go turtle on you as well. If you have a big fish caught in the line or you want to see far without moving the kayak forward you can even stand up inside the kayak. All kayaks are strong and they will hold your weight without swaying or toppling over. This makes a kayak better than a fishing boat. They are quieter in their approach and you will get better fish with a kayak as compared to a boat. Investing in a kayak for a serious fisherman is the smartest thing to do.


What You Need To Know About Spray Foam Insulation

Your home or building needs insulation. Just like keeping eggs in a nest, it keeps the people in it warm and at the proper temperature. It ensures comfort and a lot of other advantages! You can find a number of different insulation methods to use. One of the most common and popular ones around the United States would be spray foam insulation. The proper spray foam insulation services are needed in order to get your home or building looking great and protected from any air or vapor leakage. Not only do you get a building that looks great and will be protected, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. But what exactly is spray foam insulation and how does the process go? In this article, we show you what you need to know about spray foam insulation.SprayFoamInsulationCo

What You Need to Know About Spray Foam Insulation

With this type of insulation, you will be using spray polyurethane foam (hence the name), a type of plastic material that is sprayed onto different surfaces around the building. The plastic material is mixed with different liquid components to properly seal the surfaces that have been sprayed. The mixture is made onsite and used immediately, because the liquids react quickly and will instantly start to expand once it makes contact to the surface. It doesn’t only seal gaps and cracks, but it can also help with heat transfer, making you comfortable. Plus, with stronger walls from the sealant, you will be assured a well-structured building to keep you safe from any natural calamities or accidents.

There are different types of mixtures and material spray foam is made out of. The type you need will depend on your home or building’s condition, as well as the areas you will be needing the service. You have low to high density or various pressures to ensure that your walls are properly sealed. You won’t need to worry about choosing the best one, as you can hire an SPF contractor to check and determine which type of spray foam insulation is best for your building. If you’re familiar with the components and how the mixture goes, you will even be able to do it yourself!

What makes spray foam insulation a good investment is the fact that you’ll be able to save up on energy costs and your furniture will be protected from unwanted vapor that may come from moisture leakages. Plus, your building will be stronger and last longer in the long run.SprayFoamInsulation

In Conclusion

Spray foam insulation is a very simple procedure that holds a lot of benefits you will be able to reap in the future. Hopefully, this article will have helped you become more knowledgeable on spray foam insulation. If you’re looking for the best spray foam insulation service, then you can visit The SprayFoamInsulation Company of UK for more information and a free quotation for what you need. Invest on the best and keep your building protected!