About Happy Wheels

Happy wheels are ultimately popular racing game developed by Jim Bonacci. This game allows the users to make their own levels and also be able to play with others. The specialty of happy wheels game is having more than 20, 000 playable levels available, so it does not have ended play. Even the free happy wheels demo version contains 10 levels and 3 various vehicles available. If you want to enjoy the full version of happy wheels, you just start to learn the game play and obtain an exciting gaming experience.happy wheels demoMoreover, the happy wheels are a bloody physics based online game that includes a lot of twists. If you like to play a challenge, violence and video games, you can play the happy wheels game online that brings you real sensation gaming experience as well as everyone. Another important thing to keep remembering is choosing a vehicle like wheelchair, bike or two-wheeler and also tries to find a way to alive or exit on this game. When you start playing this, you will surely obtain the realistic touch experience at the end.

Overview of happy wheels controls

Now, the happy wheels have over a billion players online and readily available for all mobile devices. The main goal of this game is also differing based on various levels. In most of the levels, the real target is to reach an end line or to collect the tokens. The game controls are displayed under the main window of this game, which make it easy for you to understand and play more effectively. Primarily, the movement mechanisms involve a tilting control and acceleration. It is also featured with the level editor that allows the players to build their own custom levels. For the user’s convenience, this game also contains a lot of objects and tools for creating levels such as vans, blocks and harpoon guns.

The happy wheels are all about two things such as consistent damage system and ridiculous obstacle courses. This damage system is about what really sets it apart from the similar games. The obstacle courses combine a small amount of traditional platform gaming with some interesting racer and puzzle elements. If the racer suffers from injuries, then it really makes the game more addictive. If you injure yourself more and more, it becomes trickier for the players to operate their characters and finish the level as well.happy wheels demo

Enjoy playing happy wheels with more credits and controls

The controls for happy wheels are very simple such as up is to move, down is to reverse and you can use the left and right arrows to stay balanced. Additionally, there are some on screen controls available for both iOS and mobile games that are simplified and highly used on online version. In the iOS device, you can use these buttons such as forward or reverse, special and eject and lean left or right. Even the layout is also expected to be same in between the characters. Now, the happy wheels demo is available online, so you can enjoy playing this game on your device with utmost convenience.

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