A Dive Into The History Of Movie Making

There are millions of movie lovers out there who cannot spend away a happy weekend or free time without watching a new movie. Once was the time when people used to wait for hours just to watch their favorite movie on the big screen and now you can even watch movies online sitting anywhere and anytime! We all know about the modern day Hollywood and other native movie industries, but less do we know about their past and from where and how they emerged. Let us tell you a bit about the emergence and developments done in the movie industry over the centuries.movies-online

The Story of the Movie Industry:

The emergence of motion pictures lies back in the 19th century (1880’s) when such cameras were developed which could capture series of photographs which when played seemed to be a real life scene. These cameras capture these motion pictures through a single lens on a single record. However, there could be no editing, no sound effects and the visuals that were recorded could only be played in a black and white version. Initially, the movies seemed to be soulless and could not attract enough audience. With time, people started telling stories by joining several scenes together and making a longer movie. People started liking the idea and watching movies on screens became one of the best leisure activities. However, in the initial days, Movie watching was just meant to be seen by a single spectator through a peep hole, but with the invention of projectors, a huge audience could enjoy the movie sitting together.

With the development in electronic sound recording, the movie industry took a huge step ahead by recording the sound effects and playing them along with the black and white motion pictures. With this reform, the motion pictures came to be known as the talking pictures or more famously as “talkies”. However, with the World War I, the movie industry almost disappeared from the whole of the Europe, whereas, the United States saw the emergence and development of Hollywood. The industry got to be renowned all over the world and watching movies became a hobby and pastime for most of the people. The black and white screen was getting more and more popular and was also developing a special place in people’s hearts.movies-onlineAnother reform which took the movie industry to whole another level was the development of cameras which could capture natural colors. However, the initial advancements were not so successful. It took a lot of time for the industry to completely get transformed into the colored world. It was slow but a great step. The movie industry also feared a setback with the invention of televisions; however, with the reforms and advancements made in the movie theaters, the industry was easily able to tackle the situations. The industry has never seen a step back and has always been entertaining the audience since decades. Movies have been making the weekends of most of the people around the word a happy and enjoyable day.

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