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Local Musicians Gather to Help Fellow Musician

On August 12th our friend, Andrew Collins, was involved in a motorcycle accident. The accident broke 4 ribs, his nose, a shoulder blade, a leg and left him with a skull fracture that caused his brain to bleed which caused a coma that last for 8 days. Our relationship with Andrew began with his band, […]

Trae’s 5th Annual Punk Rock Lottery

As the holidays loom over us, lurking on street corners and sitcoms, grinning with it’s ceaseless cheer and merriment, we give thanks for Trae’s 5th Annual Punk Rock Lottery. Sitting in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas for the 5th year, serving as the proverbial wrench in the gears of comfortability. Getting its birth in 2010 […]

SXSW 2014

It’s that time of year again. Before we unload the plethora of insanely great bands that are gracing our stage this week, here a handful of helpful pointers to enjoying the shows at Red7. How do I get entry to the day parties? You have to be over 21 and RSVP to the links provided […]

December 2013

December; a cold, desolate time of year. That’s why we make it the best. So many heavy and one of kind shows happening. Sh’eck it out.  

November 2013

Here’s a bit of what’s poppin’ off this month.

Playlist for October 2013

Check out some of the bands we have coming though here this month. Very eclectic, very awesome.    

The Guide to all SXSW 2013 shows at Red 7

(All show updates will be posted here.)   This page is all you will need for enjoying all of our SXSW Day Parties and Night Shows. Something to remember, if there is a link on the page by something you want to find out more about… why don’t you try clicking it maybe? ex. All […]

Hello World

Hello and welcome to the NEW Red 7 page. As you may have noticed, it doesn’t look like the last one. We have our friends Cole and Anthony at EyeInTheSkyCollective to thank for that. Check out some our new features: Calendar Gallery (if you see a photo that is yours or have photos you have you’d […]